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SODECIA New Investment

SODECIA closed a transaction for the purchase of:

(1) a stake in the share capital of the Slovakian company Matador Automotive Vráble, a.s. (hereinafter MAVRA), and

(2) a stake in the participatory interest of the Russian company Matador Automotive Rus LLC (hereinafter MARUS).

MAVRA owns an ownership interest into the registered capital of the Czech company Matador Automotive CR, s.r.o, (hereinafter MACR). Therefore this transaction refers to the “MATADOR GROUP” composed by MAVRA, MARUS and MACR.

MATADOR GROUP is a leading supplier of structural steel and aluminium parts and assemblies to premium vehicle manufacturers, having a broad product portfolio supplying body, frames and complex assemblies with strong production capabilities for both steel and aluminium parts.

By completing this transaction SODECIA GROUP increases its capabilities and competences in the sector and in the region of Europe, promoting more and better services for its customers. A new plant in the Czech Republic, two new plants in the Slovak Republic and one new plant in the Russian Federation integrates now our organizational chart.