Collaborative Engineering

Our 3 Product Competence Centers offer full-service collaborative engineering, thriving to find new solutions through the use of specialized software, to submit patent applications.

Research & Development

Full service solutions

Value Engineering

  • Worldwide solutions and global supplier programs
  • Safety and recycling as major concerns
  • New technologies application
  • Investments standardization

Body Engineering

  • Design to cost solutions with VA/VE and PFEP evaluation
  • Raw materials and fasteners standardization
  • Lean production systems
  • Feasibility studies

Thread Extrusions and Cage Nuts

  • Thread Extrusions on Steel (up to class12) and Aluminum (up to class 10)
  • Modular Cage Nuts with complete electrostatic shielding

Steel, Aluminium, Hybrid Cross Car Beam

  • EURO NCAP Energy absorption compliance
  • Lightweight and Modular solutions

Safety Components

  • Seat belt height adjusters
  • Commercial and heavy duty Tie Down Loops

Engine Components

  • Steel / Aluminium Oil Pans and Transmission Covers
  • Support Structrures and Heat Shields

Park Lock Systems with actuation system

  • Different actuation systems according to customer needs
  • Mechanical system and actuation functionality checked by EOL

Shift Forks for DCT and Hybrid applications

  • Integrated hydraulic actuation system
  • Small space room with complex geometry
  • Weight reduction (plastic) and efficiency
Our Solutions

Top-notch engineering

Using top equipment and technology we are able to perform the most important and requested services the automotive area.

Product Design

  • 3D model design
  • 2D drawings definition
  • Tolerance stack analysis

Forming and Process Simulations

  • Stamping process and tube bending
  • Welding simulation
  • Logistics calculations

Virtual Product Validation

  • NVH evaluation
  • Stress and stiffness calculation
  • Crash behaviour and energy absorption
  • Topology optimization

Durability Analysis & Testing

  • Durability analytical testing
  • Correlation with real results


Dassault Systèmes Simulia
  • Abaqus CAE (pre-processing)
  • Abaqus Viewer (post-processing)
  • Abaqus/Standard (solver)
  • Abaqus/Explicit (solver)
BETA CAE Systems
  • BETA CAE Systems
  • ANSA (pre-processing)
  • META (post-processing)
  • Epilysis (solver)
  • Blanknest, Fastblank, Fastform
  • MSC Token System
  • Nastran (solver)
  • Fatigue
  • Marc
ESI Solutions
  • PamCrash
  • PamStamp
  • PamTube
  • Weldplanner
  • Incremental
  • Sigma
  • Spring Back Compensator
  • Trim Advisor
  • Die Designer
CAD Solution Tools
  • CATIA V4 / V5 / V6
  • Siemens NX 10/11
  • Unigraphics NX9
  • Inventor Ultimate
  • All Translators CAD Utilities
  • AutoCAD
  • HyperMesh
  • HyperView
  • HyperGraph
  • HyperCrash
  • SimLab
  • MotionView
  • OptiStruct
  • Acu Solve
  • HyperStudy
  • MotionSolve
  • Tailored Solutions
Data Exchange Tools
  • FTP Odette, Data X
  • KVS
  • Team Center
  • Internet Protocol

Dassault Systèmes Simulia

  • Abaqus CAE (pre-processing)
  • Abaqus Viewer (post-processing)
  • Abaqus/Standard (solver)
  • Abaqus/Explicit (solver)