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Sodecia 40 years of history

July 8th, 1980 the beginning of SODECIA,

Over 40 years this small family business from Porto is today a multinational automotive company full-service supplier of the largest OEMs, with a workforce of almost 7000 employees, located in 14 countries.

This spectacular growth is due to SODECIA founder´s, vision, and determination that have the wisdom to build a team with their values implemented.

TRUST, SYNERGY as competitive factors, PASSION behind company values, SMILE as a SODECIA Leaders commitment, GROWING, a cycle that will never stop.

WELCOME new plants, new people, other cultures, new processes, and products. Always working SIMPLE, with SPEED, SUSTAINABILITY, and SATISFACTION.

This is SODECIA secret, our way of living the business with a forever commitment of ADDING VALUE TO YOU.