PLC Programmers / Robotics Technicians

Company: Sodecia Global Tech & Automation Center Europe.

Location: Portugal

Sodecia Group is recruiting 2 PLC Programmers / Robotics Technicians to join Sodecia GTAC in Europe.

Main Responsibilities:

  • Read and interpret drawings and electrical code specifications to determine layout of industrial electrical equipment installations.
  • Test electronic equipment and components for continuity, current, voltage, and resistance. 
  • Must be able to maintain and troubleshoot welding equipment. (mig, spot, drawn arc, projection).
  • Must understand PLC ladder logic and text based logic programs.
  • Must be able to troubleshoot and program articulated robots.
  • Design, develop, and program new PLC systems
  • Act as programming technical lead when required
  • Debug / repair equipment
  • Develop and implement standard engineering practices, as well as provide detailed documentation upon project completion and start-up
  • Work closely with manufacturing to maximum cycle times
  • Write PLC logic
  • Interpret mechanical sequence
  • Other duties and projects as required by your Supervisor.

Skills Profile:

  • College or industry diploma in PLC programming, industrial electrical and robotics equipment.
  • Trade certification or Apprenticeship an asset.
  • 3-5 years’ work experience in the electrical and/or robotics programming field.
  • Previous experience with Beckhoff Controls, Structured Text programming and Indusoft HMI software an asset.
  • Previous experience with Kuk robots an asset.
  • Understanding of all aspects related to manufacturing of Automotive stamping, welding, processing and automation.
  • Strong understanding of Safety protocols including OHSA, CSA and ISO
  • Good understanding of the production environment, good analytical and math skills
  • Outstanding verbal and written communication, with excellent organizational skills.
  • Must  be able to work independently and in team setting and ask for expertise of others when needed
  • Capable of managing multiple tasks simultaneously and maintain timing deadlines.
  • Must have the ability and knowledge to use various electrical and electronic testing equipment. 
  • Ability to react appropriately in stressful situations

What we Offer:

  • Multicultural environment
  • Excellent work conditions
  • Travel required in and out of the country as defined by project requirements and as requested by management.
  • Report to Plant Manager

Will also accept any suitable combination of education, training, and/or experience.

Location: Portugal

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