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Installation of a Photovoltaic Central of 1MWp – SODECIA Safety & Mobility Guarda, S.A.

Following the sustainability strategy and targets of Sodecia Group – Sodecia Safety & Mobility Guarda, S.A., started in the last October 2022 the installation of a Photovoltaic Central of 1MWp for self-consumption.

Our goal is to produce 28% of our total energy consumption. The Photovoltaic Central will have the capacity to produce 1.371.097kWh/year. The main value is for self-consumption, but for example, on the weekend we will inject into the electricity grid.

The reduction in purchased electricity will represent a reduction of emissions of 290 ton.CO2/year, so we will greatly reduce our Carbon Footprint.

Curiosities about the installation:

  • Total of Photovoltaic Panels = 1851 un. (in the roof + in Car Park + in the ground)
  • Power of each panel = 540W
  • 9 Inverters = 7 x 110kW + 1 x 50kW + 1 x 40kW