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Dalian Plant Solar Panel Project- SODECIA Safety & Mobility Dalian Co., Ltd

Energy is the foundation and driving force for the progress of human civilization. It matters a lot on social development and enterprises benefits. Facing increasingly severe global problems including climate change, environmental challenges, and energy resource constraints, the focus worldwide is all on the method for green and low-carbon development in economy and society.  Sodecia always adheres to the sense of social responsibility, keeps on seeking for the sustainable development plan which best suiting the actual situation of company strategy, to contribute for energy conservation and emission reduction.

After months of research as well as preliminary preparation, the construction and installation of Solar Panel Project in SODECIA Safety & Mobility Dalian Co., Ltd, was started as scheduled on Nov 7th, 2022; successful trial run was also accomplished on Dec 27th, 2022, representing the success of the project. Based on the Budget plan from the initial planning, the capacity for current stage is 200KWp, which brings an estimated average power output around 250,000KW.H per year.

The success of Dalian plant Solar Panel project plays an important role as an answer for multiple purpose- saving the energy cost for company, reducing pollution in accordance with company strategy, moreover, the installation of solar panel brings a protection to the roof in order to weaken the erosion caused by the sun radiation, rain and snow, thus the lifetime as well as utilization of plant construction increased significantly. In the coming months, Dalian plant will continue the reaming installation operation, estimated capacity on Q4 2023 will achieve 600KWp.