MQ281 GearBox Forks

Project number | 039576

Designation of the project | MQ281 GearBox Forks

Support in the scope of the Incentives System | Productive Innovation

The main goal | Reinforce the research, technological development, and innovation

Intervention Region | Center


Date of approval | 23-08-2018

Start date | 26-04-2018

End date | 31-12-2020

Total eligible cost | EUR 6.558.273,00

Financial support from the European Union | EUR 3,279,136.50

Execution level | 45,01%

Objectives, activities and expected results

This investment aims to produce a new system of forks for gearbox changes in a manual gearbox, which came to respond to essential characteristics at the level of space constraints, cost, weight, and simplification required by the market.