9G FDCT – 9 Gears Front Dual Clutch Transmission

Project number | 029371

Designation of the project | 9G FDCT – 9 Gears Front Dual Clutch Transmission

Support in the scope of the Incentive Systems | Productive Innovation

The main Goal | Reinforce the research, technological development, and inovation

Intervention Region | Center


Date of approval | 15-02-2018

Start date | 31-05-2017

End date | 19-04-2021

Total eligible cost | EUR 9,683,555.00

Financial support from the European Union | FEDER: EUR 4.841.777,50

Execution Level | 103%

Objectives, activities and expected results

This investment aims to produce a new fork system for gearboxes in the automatic double-clutch gearbox, intended for mid-range cars. This product is absolutely differentiating and of high added value, presenting incontestably innovative and revolutionary characteristics at an international level in the automotive industry.