Industrial Planning

Company: Sodecia Automotive Location: Centerline, Michigan, United States Sodecia Group is recruiting an Industrial Planning to join Sodecia Automotive in Centerline. Main Responsabilities: • Plan the execution of the production process so that it occurs within the expected quality and productivity standards, dimensioning resources and inputs for the manufacture of products. • Interface with other areas of the Company to identify sales and product inventory, to schedule production and fulfil the Company’s goals. • Prioritize and redefine the production sequence, to meet the established delivery times. • Follow the update of the system regarding the request for raw material and machine load, and the process of purchasing inputs, aiming to expedite their delivery to the factory promptly. • Analyze production indicators, verifying the quantities, types of parts produced, and productive and unproductive time, to ascertain the levels of production achieved and establish parameters for planning and monitoring production. • Develop inventory policy (minimum/maximum) to guarantee the maintenance of stocks, according to the Company’s economic policy. • Monitor the execution of products in progress, identifying distortions in relation to what was planned, contacting those responsible for the areas involved to solve problems or to re-plan activities, when necessary. • Perform daily production control, verifying the quantities, and types of products to be produced, and filling in appropriate forms, to ascertain the levels of production achieved and enable the control of their stocks. • Monitor through reports and graphs of the production processes, to analyze the real position in relation to planning. • Prepare reports and indicators for the sectors under your responsibility, monitoring and analyzing results, to ensure compliance with procedures, goals, and necessary corrective actions. • Participate in the preparation and follow the budget plan of the area, keeping expenses according to the dimensioned values, monitoring results and looking for efficiency alternatives. • Seek and apply improvements in the processes, products or services under its responsibility, aiming to guarantee effective results and safeguard the safety of the Company’s assets. • Ensure the development and application of new projects and processes, to ensure their proper implementation. • Observe the progress and market practices, ensuring the necessary adaptation and evolution of the Company, to guarantee competitiveness and business continuity. • Apply people management policies and practices, ensuring team development with a focus on results, ensuring respect for people and maintaining the organizational climate. • Properly use PPE’s (Personal Protective Equipment), aiming to maintain protection in the work environment, to avoid accidents and comply with safety and health standards. • Know and comply with the Quality Systems in Environmental Management (EMS), Health and Safety and the internal rules of the Company. • Ensure compliance with legislation, as well as the Company’s institutional rules and policies, with suppliers and external bodies, ensuring due ethical behaviour in the relationship with business partners, as well as compliance with established standards, and ensuring the Company’s assets. Skills Profile: University degree in Logistic, Industrial Engineering or Management or Similar. • 3 years of manufacturing-related experience with hands-on operational knowledge (preferably two (2) years of practical experience in an automotive industry manufacturing environment) ; • Quality Assurance experience is a plus; • Experience working in an organization that has a well-implemented “Safety Culture” is a plus. Will also accept any suitable combination of education, training, and/or experience. Location: 24331 Sherwood Ave  • 48015 • Centerline • Michigan

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