CMM Dimensional Laboratory Analyst

Company: Sodecia Automotive

Location: Centerline, Michigan, United States

Sodecia Group is recruiting a CMM Dimensional Laboratory Analyst to join Sodecia Automotive in Centerline.

 Main Responsabilities:
• Perform dimensional control by means of three-dimensional machines (3D), measuring instruments or other technologies, to ascertain the condition of acceptance of the product to be measured.
• Prepare reports after measurement, and forward them to the responsible or requesting sector to report results and provide possible corrections for anomalies and/or dimensional deviations.
• Operate measurement systems, collecting, analyzing and recording data, to meet the technical demands of the areas, according to the internal procedures defined by the Company, current safety standards and technical specifications of the customer.
• Identify mathematical models in the file provided by the client, aiming to develop the work according to technical specifications, for dimensional control and product analysis.
• Check and calculate the measurement uncertainties and tolerance limits according to the system’s specifications, to analyze and calculate the impact of the uncertainties for the customer, making corrections of less complexity.
• Ensure the electronic storage and archiving of measurement records, to maintain the history for future consultations.
• Prepare dimensional reports to meet customer requests (internal and external), obeying the procedures for archiving records.
• Perform MSA studies (measurement system analysis) to assess its repeatability and reproducibility, as well as guide users of measuring instruments as to their correct use, storage and conservation.
• Support Engineering in the necessary measurements and definition of the Control Plan.
• Know and comply with the Quality Systems in Environmental Management (EMS), Health and Safety and the internal rules of the Company.
• Comply with the legislation, as well as the Company’s institutional rules and policies, with suppliers and external bodies, ensuring due ethical behaviour in the relationship with business partners, as well as compliance with established standards, and ensuring the Company’s assets.

Skills Profile:

• Technical training in mechanics, metallurgy or similar.

• 3 years of manufacturing-related experience with hands-on operational knowledge (preferably two (2) years of practical experience in an automotive industry manufacturing e environment) ;
• Dimensional Laboratory experience is a plus;
• Experience working in an organization that has a well-implemented “Safety Culture” is a plus.

Will also accept any suitable combination of education, training, and/or experience.

Location: 24331 Sherwood Ave  • 48015 • Centerline • Michigan

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